Active/Passive setup Instructions



I have two web servers with each one having a separate database, with one free load balancer. (Load Master)

I was wondering if any one has the setup instructions/settings on how I could configure this in an Active/Passive setup so that it only goes to one server if a link is down.

I would really appreciate your help.

So far I have these settings :

900 Ideal timeout 

scheduling least connection

perstance: source ip address 1 hour 


I have no idea about the settings though!

 There is a hashing option which may be better?


This is due to having two databases and only one can be updated nightly. 


Any help world be great please. 


Tony Vaughan

if you are looking for an Active/Passive setup for servers,
then we would recommend "fixed weighted" scheduling,
the traffic will be sent to the available real server with the highest weight,
if that server fails the health check then new connections will be sent to the next highest weighted server that is available

two other things to keep in mind is
1. "Drop Connections on RS failure" located under system configuration -> L7 configuration
if this is not enabled, existing connections will not be dropped if the real server fails a health check and is marked as down

2. Drain time - this is related to a server being disabled, on the LoadMaster
more details on this can be found here



Thank you Tony, this is exactly what I was after. 

One question though, I read about drain time it was off. I have now turned it on, I assume this is what you suggest?


Thanks again