Issue with version -


One device running latest version (version - )was rebooted unexpectedly and there is no logs at all.

Can you please suggest how to enable crash dump on device?

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Tony Vaughan


there is two things I would recommend,

first if you haven't done so already, please set up a syslog server

Kemp 360 Central can also be used as a syslog server

but there are many others such as syslog watcher

once you have a syslog server in your environment,
set the LoadMaster to send its logs to the syslog server

please see this link for details



secondly can you set up the option "Net Console Host" on the LoadMaster

this will give us more information if there is a kernel panic by the system

you can find the option under
System configuration -> system logfiles -> debug: netconsole host

Set netconsole host to the syslog IP address,
If a kernel panic occurs the info is send to the syslog server.
please note that you will need a syslog server on a known network to the LoadMaster