ActiveSync setup on Kemp Free LoadBalancer


Good morning, all!

I need to revise my Exchange installation and implement ActiveSync. My topology is fairly simple: two Mailbox/CAS servers in the LAN, two Edge Transport servers in the DMZ, and two KEMP LoadBalancers, also in the DMZ. The LoadBalancers provide proxy access for OWA from the internet. We are currently using two-factor authentication: the LoadBalancer is merely the proxy here - IIS is providing the two-factor authentication mechanism.

Is there a recipe or how-to to run ActiveSync through the Kemp LoadBalancer? Will the settings for OWA do for ActiveSync?

Thanks to all for looking!



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Tony Vaughan

Hello Greg,

there is a deployment guide and template available for exchange,
these should have more details

using the OWA settings, the change you would need to make for ActiveSync is the healthcheck
the real server should be health checked on  "/microsoft-server-activesync/healthcheck.htm"