New Backup via SCP server. What is the "Remote Identity Value" and format the LB is expecting??


I'm trying to set up the backup feature of my LM-4000, but I'm not sure which type of file this settings is asking for. 

I wish I could just SSH TO the Kemp like other devices, grab the config and be done.  :/


Help! :)

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Mark Deegan

Hello Matt,

there are many ways to backup the LM. These include using powershell, Restful API, FTP, WUI backup and SCP. We also have KEMP 360 central which can be setup to do a scheduled backup each day for each device it is managing. In the SCP the "Remote Identity value" is the private key in the SSH key pair made by puttygen generated on the SCP server.

Powershell :

Restful API:

KEMP 360 Central :

best regards