Kemp HA pair - Promiscuous mode



we have a two LM4000 appliances in a HA pair.  I have noticed in the system log entries for every NIC and VLAN conifgured on the system to do with promiscuous mode.

Examples are below:

Apr 10 08:02:51 KEMP01 kernel: device v200c entered promiscuous mode

Apr 10 08:03:09 KEMP01 kernel: device v200c left promiscuous mode

These are not happening regularly, and the kemp appliances and virtual services appear to be working ok.

Is this anything to be concerned over and what does it mean.


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Mark Deegan

Hello Matthew,

This can mean that the LM is failing over or that the carp packets are not being received. I would check the HA config and make sure you have HA checks enabled on production interfaces and that you have a direct connect cable between eth1 on both devices.please check the logs for any failovers and if you find some please make sure you have IGMP snooping disabled on the physical switches and that port fast is enabled on the switches. See our HA doc here: