Kemp doesn't properly support complex passwords for online licensing


No idea if anyone from Kemp follows up on the community forum posts, but I don't have a support contract to report this formally...

Using the free kemp LB for educational purposes, and for a couple of days I was struggling to be able to license the device - every time it would fail with an error along the lines of "unable to request license, please try again later), even though all the checks were coming back green.

I eventually figured out it was because my kempID password is long and complex.(24 chars, uppper, lower, digits and symbols). Changing to a simple password (8 chars, still using a couple of special chars) and all started working instantly. Seems there is a difference in password handling on the appliance compared to online web usage.

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James Rago -- K360 Technical Product Manager Official comment

Thanks for reporting in on this issue. I will contact our Web Development Team to ensure that the website restrictions when creating a KEMP ID are inline with the device requirements.

For future concern, if you do not have support due to running a Free LoadMaster, you can still contact us if you are reporting a bug with our website or software. We always want to make sure that our product if functioning as intended for all our customers, paying or not.