Need to setup an alert each time a node is disabled


Hi, I am desperate to figure out how to setup an email alert to notify us whenever a node on the KEMP in a VIP is disabled.

Also an alert that would trigger when a node has been disabled for a particular amount of time.


Please help?


If this is not possible, is there any way to somehow leave note somewhere on the KEMP whenever we need to disable a node in a VIP to describe why the node is disabled for example


Please Help


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Tony Vaughan

Hello Jonathan,

you should be able to set up email logging to report when a RS is disabled and re-enabled,

this is very basic and on its own will not report extra conditions, for example send email only if the real server was disabled by another administrator or if the real server has been disabled for x amount of time


this would sound like a feature for Kemp 360 Central or Vision, as these would be more focused on the administration and reporting of the LoadMaster