Content Rules on Generic Service Type ( secure websockets )


Hello Kemp Team ,

I am using a Kemp Vers: (VMware) and have  mapped two real websocket servers  to one virtual IP Address  , along with SSL . It works fine  . 

However  now an incoming request needs to decide on which real server to go to based on a url param .

But there doesnt seem to be any option of adding header based content switching rules on generic service types  .  Also switching the service type to any other such as HTTP/HTTPS are not connecting with upgrade request and 101 switching protocol 

Any suggestions  will help 

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Barry Gleeson

Unfortunately, as you have observed, content Rules on Headers are only applicable to HTTP Services.

Once the Service is set to Generic, HTTP processing is not done so content rules cannot be applied.


With the service set to HTTP it sounds like a method may be used that isn't supported by KEMP.

It may best to open a support ticket and one of our engineers can examine the method that is failing and verify this.