Form Based on Server Authentication Mode doesn't work on Exchange 2010 using ESP Options


Hi Team,

My Company is using Exchange 2010 SP3, Outlook Web App (OWA) and Exchange Control Panel (ECP) both are configured to use forms-based authentication with logon format "domain\user name".
We are planning to use two factor authentication to access to the services OWA and ECP both from external network and balanced using a Kemp cluster loadbalancer.
We have configured the Kemp cluster loadbalancer to use SSO and ESP Option enabled.
SSO works well only if I use "Basic Authentication" on "Server Authentication Mode" option on ESP Options settings and the same server authentication type on the Exchange services involved (OWA and ECP both).
We cannot modify the authentication type on OWA and ECP Exchange services both.
Because the Kemp cluster loadbalancer ( Vers: release) offer the option "Form Based authentication" on ESP Options, we request to you to fix this bug.