URL masking?


I have a URL(https://FQDN:8443/dashboard) that is annoying all get out to type in. So I create a new url in DNS and point it to the KEMP load balancer and forward the 443 call to 8443. Now I can type in https://url/dashboard and get to the page. Now I would like to get rid of the dashboard part. I would like to be able to go to https://url and still hit the portal. I looked at modifying the Portal but that would require a ton of work.



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Tony Vaughan


just to confirm the scenario, you re looking to redirect clients from https://url/ -> https://url/dashboard 
if that is the case you can use a modify URL to get from www.domain.com/ to www.domain.com/dashboard/

this syntax for this is 

Rule type:              ModifyURL
Match String:        /^\/$/
Replace with:        /dashboard

Start Regex                /
Start Match                ^
Literal character         \

Regular text               /
End Match                 $
End Regex                 /


more details can be found in this document Content Rules