HTTPS - 2 Real Servers - 2 Different Services



Need some help. I'm looking for a way to forward HTTPS traffic to a real server depending on the Host URL that was provided. I know I can do this in HTTP with content switching but I can't appear to do this with HTTPS traffic.

Currently I want a HTTPS VIP setting up and configuring so that:

1) goes to real server IP


2) goes to real server IP

Is there a way of doing this?

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Tony Vaughan

Hi Chris,

as you mentioned you can achieve this with content rules if you use SSL offloading or SSL re-encrypt so the traffic will connect to the real server on HTTPS
I don't believe there is another way of setting this up if you are using one virtual service,

if you had separate virtual services you could change the DNS or NAT rules so separate traffic would connect to the two separate real servers