Udp port-range load balancing for TURN server


I have configured load balancing on kemp with tcp port 3478 for 2 turn servers and it works, but it does not work with udp load balancing. I see tcp traffic, but there is no RTP traffic and the calls does not pass. Can anyone help me to solve the issue?

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Tony Vaughan


just a quick note,
a UDP virtual service will run at Layer 4 by default so it will be transparent,
for transparency to work the clients must be on a different subnet to the real server and the real servers default gateway needs to be the interface of the LoadMaster

can you get a TCPdump from the LoadMaster to confirm UDP traffic is reaching the LoadMaster and that it is being sent to the real server
you can find the option under
System configuration -> system logfiles -> debug: TCPdump

also what version of firmware are you currently running?