Geo Load Balancing website across different subnets


Hi hope someone can give me some pointers,  we have a simple web application at two locations, which we want to load balance, we have purchased two virtual Kemp loadmasters.

I am struggling to get my head around the Windows DNS configuration for this setup,  both Kemps will have different IP addresses and the IIS web servers will have different IP's

So for example , if i added two DNS entries for http://myweb in windows DNS, it would round robin the requests.

Now add in the KEMP LM, do i still need two DNS entries for each subnet, or do i setup a new Zone for the VIP's in DNS. i cannot find any documentation on how this should be configured.

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Tony Vaughan

Morning Mark,

I am not sure what you have currently setup, let me know if I missed something

if you have the current setup
Windows DNS servers
an A record for "" pointing to the real servers (on site 1) & (on site 2)
then the Windows DNS will round robin the requests to both servers

for the GEO portion,
we need to set up the FQDN on the GEO (which I can go over in more details afterwards if needed) and a delegation on the DNS server
for the delegation, on the Windows DNS server you would have to create a NS record for the FQDN "" and this will point to the GEO interface address, 

if a client makes a request for the FQDN "" it will connect to their default DNS server, the Windows DNS and the Windows DNS will forward it to the GEO
based on the GEO settings (how it will handle the requests i.e. round robin, fixed weighted)

please let me know if you have more questions on this