Migrate from LM2600 to LM3000 in HA


We are currently running 2 LM2600's in HA.  I have performed a backup and restore to our new LM3000's in HA on an isolated network so all IP addresses are the same.  Is it possible to pull the standby LM2600 out and insert the LM3000 standby, failover to the LM3000 standby and then remove the Primary LM2600 and insert the Primary LM3000 and be done?  My goal is to do this with zero downtime.  Thanks.

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Tony Vaughan

Hello Joe,

what you are saying is correct,
please keep in mind two things,

  1. we do not support creating a HA pair of two different models, since this will only be for a few mins you should be okay
  2. there will be down time during the fail-overs, it should only be a few seconds while the standby LoadMaster takes over as master,
    but again, I just want to clarify that there will be minor interruptions to clients

 I would recommend speaking to one of my colleagues in support just to go over the plan step by step and make sure nothing is over looked