Virtual IP drops connection when tried to ping from command prompt


I am using KEMP free load balancer.

VLM is running on a oracle virtual box.

I had setup a virtual Service(A) to act as web load balancer with 2 real servers(B & C). It was working fine . I was able to connect to the web client using the virtual IP(A).

For system reboot , I had to turn off the VLM and the oracle virtual box.

Now when i turn back on virtual box and VLM, web client is not accessible using the virtual IP (A).

Please suggest.

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Tony Vaughan


if this was working before the reboot it sounds like a network issue on the hyper-visor
can you check if you are still able to reach the LoadMaster WUI,

if so can this LoadMaster reach the client and anything else on the network
from the menu System Configuration -> Logging options -> log files: debug options
you should see the options to  ping host  and run tracert