Restore in case of castrophic recovery


Hi al!

I'm just about to deploy our KEMP VLM-200 and Vision 360 into production.  I'm just trying to figure out what to do if we have some kind of disaster which caused us to lose the VM - at the moment we are only going to backup the configuration as for certain reasons I'd prefer not to do VM level backups.

Supposing that we do lose the VM, am I able to simply deploy a new VM and restore from backup (obviously after logging in which requires very basic config first) ?  I'm aware that I need to deal with the certificates separately.


Many thanks!


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Tony Vaughan

Hi Gareth,

you are correct,
in the event that there is issues with your VLM, it would be easier to deploy a new trial VLM and restore the configuration and certs
after deploying you would need to go through the initial setup, adding an IP, Gateway and DNS address and licensing it,

you will have the option to restore the config after that, this will require a reboot of the unit