All Green Checks for Load Master


I'm getting all green checks with the Exchange 2010 templates I download, but it still doesn't seem to be hitting the load master when I bring up my Outlook Web App. I have read all the guides but still seem not to find the answer. 

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Tony Vaughan

Hello Clay,

can you confirm on the stats page that their is connections going to the virtual service
you can also get a TCP dump from the follow menu
System configuration -> system log files -> debug:

if the connection is not reaching the virtual service this could be a routing issue, DNS or auto-discover sending clients to the wrong address
if the connection is reaching the virtual service and the real server is shown as up, then it may be an issue with misconfiguration,

I would rebuild the service as a straight through virtual service (i.e. no SSL offloading and reencryption) and build up from there to narrow down what is breaking the connection