Simple Reverse Proxy


I am sure this has been asked before, and I may simply be showing my ignorance here.


From the outside world I have a single IP address to my internal network. I have 2 https web servers sat on my internal network and want to access them both from the outside world.

I have 2 DNS entries for my external facing IP address.


As I understand it, using something like Load Master to reverse proxy I should be able to tell any incoming traffic for server01 on port 443 to go to my internal server01, and any traffic for server02 to my internal server02. From what I have read so far it seems that the rules seem to concentrate on redirecting based on the text post /. i.e. goes to internal server01. goes to internal server02.

I am probably missing something, if anyone could give me a pointer on how to configure LM to act as a reverse proxy, redirecting based on the DNS name I would be most grateful.


Andres Garcia de Alba
Steve Coupland


Looks about spot on, but assumes there is a Virtual Service to add the SubVS to, so I am missing a step. But thanks for pointing me in the right direction, just need to fill that gap now.


you must create a main VS and add each site as a subVS to it and create the content rules to match based on the host.