Mixed uri and cookie persistance (How to Implement)

I'm trying to understand how you make this kind of configuration work with KEMP with both requirements below.

Provide Sticky Sessions based on the JSESSIONID for both the following variants:

      a.) Cookie-Based: The name of the cookie must be JSESSIONID

     b.) URI-Based: The session id must be taken from the URI <PROT>://server:port/path;JSESSIONID=<yx> The JsessionID is enclosed between "=" and "?"

          Example: http://server.name:8080/tcp/archive;jsessionid=C00A975234AB0F42C0CB51CE041FD379.node1?get&contRep

 Thanks In Advance

- Don




Tony Vaughan


I don't believe this is possible at the moment,
the LoadMaster doesn't have the option to use both Cookie and URL persistence at the same time,
you may be able to use sub virtual services for this scenario

VS (Content match based on URL)
             Sub VS 1 (Persistence on Active Cookie - Cookie 1)
                     Real Server 1
                     Real Server 2
            Sub VS 2 (Persistence on Active Cookie - Cookie 2)
                    Real Server 3
                    Real Server 4

However I would recommend opening a feature request for this if you are not able to use the above workaround



Donald Loper

One other issue with this is that another rule would need to exist for a separate web server running on the same hardware using a separate port on a separate vlan. I think I read somewhere that you cannot have real servers with the use of multiple ports & I don't think you can add a real server to a second rule?


- Don


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