Need some HA advice



We have a several clients stretched layer 2 networks across 2 datacenters who are using VLMs as load balancers. Is it possible / supported to run 2  VLMs in active/passive mode on in each vcenter/esxi host? 

Site 1   <- - - L2 - - - - -> Site 2

VLM1   <---- HA Pair -->  VLM2

RealServer1                    RealServer2

If it is not possible with standard HA I assume we would need to run GSLB - is that correct.





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Tony Vaughan


normally we would recommend the distance between two LoadMasters in HA to be less than 100 meters apart,
but the issue would be the ping time, if the ping time between the two units is low enough not to cause disruption then the distance shouldn't matter,

if you are not able to get a good connection between the two sites then a LM-GEO would be a good alternitive