Applying licensing to LoadMaster Free Version


We are looking at the free version for the LoadMaster load balancer. One question I have is, in a DR state, if we wanted to apply a full license against the VM, is this possible? Or are the two Load Master products completely different. We already have a vLM product, but would like to bring up a virtual load balancer in our QAS system for testing purposes, but for DR/Business continuity convert the free version to a licensed version.



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James Basso Official comment


There are a few differences between the Free VLM and the VLM models used for production traffic (VLM-200, 2000, 5000, 10G) and are currently separate products.   Currently if you were to upgrade the Free VLM to another model, you may experience difficulties.  Moving forward we would like to make the transition from a Free VLM to another model as smooth of a process as possible, so you may see some changes in the near future.  Today's recommendation will be to deploy a new VLM for production purposes.  If the Order ID field is visible within your Free VLM's WUI, an upgrade may be possible.  This licensing ability will only be found in newer Free VLMs, so the version of firmware running on the VLM will have an impact on the feasibility of this upgrade process.