Nextcloud on Synology Webstation behind Kemp

Hey Guys,

I'm currently trying out Kemp Loadbalancer and it works fine for most of my services. I'm just struggling with nextcloud.
I changed the default https Port for Nextcloud so it doesn't confilct. But when I link my SubVS to the nextcloud instance,
it changes from green to red after a few seconds.

The Synology UI works fine behind Kemp.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Alex




Andrew Spagnuolo

Official comment

Hello Alexander,

There is a community post within the Config Hub that provides the needed virtual service configuration for NextCloud, is this what you followed? 

The system message file logs will show reasons for failing health checks. If you navigate to System Config > Logging Options > System Log Files > System Message File, Then search for the real server IP in that log file.

You can provide any specific lines of logs referring to your Nextcloud servers.

Best Regards,


Alexander Seitz


yes I did it like that. Error is:

Bad HTTP status received


Alexander Seitz

Any updates?


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