LoadMaster not properly forwarding requests to my NGINX server

As the title suggests, my LoadMaster isn't properly forwarding requests to my nginx server. I made sure to set up the server details correctly, and it says that the server is online, however, when I attempt to visit the load balancer at, I would expect it to show my nginx server, but instead it just gives me a ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error. I have my ssl properly set up for the LoadMaster, and although the nginx server is http, with no certificate, it works just fine when visiting the nginx's server directly from the ip. I know I have ssl on the LoadMaster setup properly (or so I think) because if I try to use something like Plex, it works just fine.




Andrew Spagnuolo

Hi Aiden,

Can you confirm that you have SSL Acceleration enabled, but re-encrypt disabled?

Since your NGINX server listens over port 80 HTTP, you would want to make sure the traffic on the back-end stays unencrypted when it hits the server.

A TCP Dump would be useful in this situation as well. You can run one directly on the loadmaster, and attempt to connect to the service again to generate some traffic, then analyze what the capture shows:


Best Regards,



Maxwell Elias

In order to simulate user activity, run one directly on the loadmaster and retry connecting to the service. This https://support.kemptechnologies.com/hc/en-us/articles/360030802632-Performing-a-TCPDumpthe backrooms have many thanks to you.


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