Flowmon with SAPB1 and Lamp On-prem Application

Is the SAP B1 and Lamp (http based) on-prem application supported with Flowmon APM? if not how can flowmon help on monitoring traffic and performance? 



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Rhys Peacock

While Flowmon APM can provide valuable insights into network and application performance, monitoring specific applications like SAP B1 may require additional application-specific monitoring tools or integrations. For SAP B1, SAP offers its own monitoring and diagnostics tools that are tailored to the SAP environment.

In summary, Flowmon APM is a valuable tool for monitoring network performance and user experience, but for in-depth monitoring of specific on-premises applications like SAP B1 and Lamp, you may need to complement it with application-specific monitoring solutions or leverage the monitoring capabilities provided by the application vendors themselves.  My AARP Medicare


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