Disabled SNAT now OWA inaccesible


Hello my Kemp is setup as single leg
I have 2 CASs behind a VLM
I have disabled SNAT so that I could RDP to my exchange servers and the exchange servers have their default gw set to the Kemp.
I have the internal and external OWA url set to the same value and have a dns record published internally for the url pointing to the VIP
Externally the URL is published via TMG which points to the VIP

I can access OWA from outside the organization, but when I access internally I get a page cannot be displayed. If I access either server internally directly, bypassing the VIP this works. If I access the VIP by IP this works but occasionally prompts for auth. Accessing by name never works.
The persistence method on the service is set to Super HTTP

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hmm this may have been connected to my External Authentication methods on the OWA virtual directories as it is now working by name. However I am still getting random authentication prompts