Multi-homed and Default gateway on ETH1 with dedicated routes on EHT0


In our setup I want to accomplish ETH0 connected to LAN and ETH1 connected to DMZ. This is basically no problem, only that if I use ETH0 to the LAN the LM requires that the default GW is set to an address in the same subnet as that (ETH0) interface. I need to be able to have the default GW on the ETH1 interface and define dedicated routes on the ETH0.
Our Management PC is not connected to the same VLAN as the ETH0 of the LM, so I need those dedicated routes. On the "service Management (CLI)" of the console I can't configure dedicated routes.
I can't find a way to accomplish this.

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Barry Gleeson

There is a way to set the default gateway on a different interface than ETH0.
This is done by checking "Use for Default Gateway" on the interface (ETH1)

This will then bring you to a menu to set the default gateway on ETH1.

Before doing this you can also add the required static routes,

As these changes may effect your connection onto the Loadmaster WGUI I would recommend connecting from a Client on the same Subnet as the Administrative IP of the Loadmaster (In this way the Default Gateway change can not lock you out).