Load Balancer option for DR Site


We have two clustered Kemp 5300's in our Production site for Exchange. I'd like to put a Kemp into our DR remote site and expand the cluster as we DAG mailboxes to DR.
Does anyone know if we have to purchase a high end LB similar to the 5300 or can we buy a LB that's cheaper and will do the job?

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James Basso


In a situation as you have described, I would assume you need a unit similar to the one you have sized for your production site. In the case where traffic is sent to the DR site, you will want to ensure that the devices within that location can handle the amount of clients that will be making requests.

If you would like to be budget conscientious, it is feasible to leverage high availability within your production site while using a single LoadMaster in the DR site. The inherent risks are clear but it may help you stretch your budget.