Load Master - Content Rules - default rule - clarification.



We are using KEMP LM version Vers:7.1-18b.

I'm trying to setup a content matching rule in order to troubleshoot a particular problem.

We have two real servers behind the virtual service with scheduling method set to round robin.

I want a certain request that are coming in with a specific cookie to go to a specific server say server 1. Rest of the traffic should continue to load balanced between the two real servers as per round robin.

In order to achieve the above - I enable content switching on the virtual service and then add a rule that matches the header cookie and assign it to server 1.

my questions - do I need to assign the default rule to server 2 or should I apply the default rule to both the servers, given I want the remaining traffic (other then the one coming in with the specific cookie) to go to both the servers?


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Derek Kiely Official comment

You will need to assign the default rule to both servers in order to continue to load balance between the two real servers.