KEMP LM 7.0-8a - Drainstopping gracefully


I am not sure if the drain stop is working properly.

I go to real server and disable the real server, then go to statistics and I click on the disabled server to look at the connections. The connections go to "0" as soon as I disable the real server. I am thinking this connections should not drop to "0" right away ----- correct???? They should be released slowly.

I had 200 users connected to this real server and when I did the disable it went to "0" in a split second but weird thing is I never got any complaints from those 200 connections/users??????

I have enabled "Drop at drain time end" and set the L7 Connection Drain Time to secs 60.

Advise please .... thank you

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Moshin Sabir

L7 Persistence options are not set/enabled for these servers .... may be I need to enable that??????