Unable to send mail from Scan-to-Mail through Kemp SMTP


Hi, we have changed our mail flow for external Clients to go through a VLM 2000 (before there was just a port forwarding on a Firewall directly to the CAS Array) and since then we have some customers who complain about not being able to send E-Mail anymore from some multifunction device, i. e. Scanners. I already tried several changes but cannot figure out how to get this working. When I test the same Settings as configured on the devices through a Telnet session through the Kemp on port 587 (which we usually use) I can send email with auth Login without any Problems. Do you have any clue about what the Problem can be?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Daniel
Can you check the account that is used for authentication is allowed to send emails with the address the is configured as the source address in the multifunction device