Error Access WUI via HTTPS


Dear All!

I configured a VLM-5000 (Vers:7.1-16) for access to the WUI via HTTPS on a dedicated management interface. No SSL-vServices is configured on this IP. Randomly the access via HTTPS doesn't work, no service is listening on Port TCP 443. After regenerating new Web Server SSL Keys via SSH/CLI the access via HTTPS works again.

In the System Message File i can find following error:
Jul 18 13:24:43 kemp-test sslproxy: SSL: error reading certificate file /one4net/certs/.cert.pem: error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory

So it seems the LoadMaster "forgets" it's SSL-Keys.

Does anyone got a similar problem or knows how to solve this?


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James Rago -- K360 Technical Product Manager

Woger, I would suggest opening up a support case. We may need to delete the certificate totally and create a new one.