Given my setup, what considerations should be made when setting up the Loadmaster?


This is a pre-sales thing. I want to make sure this product is right for us.

Basically, all our users access Exchange via OA and OWA, as our office location is outside of the datacenter. Inbound mail routes through a cloud-hosted anti-spam service and gets sent to our primary Exchange server, which hosts the CA/HUB/MB roles. MBDBs in a DAG. We have an SSL SAN cert for, which is the FQDN for all our services. The users at the office location all use the same public IP address via NAT.
Given the above, what kind of configuration am I looking at? For persistence, I'm assuming I need to use SuperHTTP. Does SSL Acceleration need to be enabled for this? If so, I'm assuming I'd export my intermediate cert from my Exchange box to use on the Loadmaster? Given that is the common name, how would a failover to be affected given that the alternate names in the SAN cert are not used in the Loadmaster, per documentation?

Finally, we have a utility server that connects to some service account mailboxes via POP3 that I'd like to load balance. This server also sends out service type emails via SMTP (not through the Exchange server). It is on the same subnet as the Exchange server. What considerations are there regarding transparency? (In all cases, Exchange or otherwise, I want the original source IP of the sending server to remain intact.)

Thanks in advance. I hope to purchase a 2400 today if everything checks out.