kernel: L7: Connection timed out


What does this error mean? How can i troubleshoot it?

Jul 9 07:55:05 lbr2 kernel: L7: Connection timed out
Jul 9 07:55:09 lbr2 last message repeated 2 times
Jul 9 07:55:14 lbr2 mailer: SMTP alert successfully sent.

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James Rago -- K360 Technical Product Manager Official comment

L7 timeout entries notify you of a connection either from the Client -> LoadMaster or LoadMaster -> Real Server that was in active/established, but not receiving data, longer than the L7 timeout value. LoadMaster automatically expires these connections as part of its routine garbage collection.

These messages are fairly normal par for a healthy LoadMaster, with no other symptoms. Acceptable frequency is dictated by load. If you’re concerned about the “L7: Connection timed out” messages, you can increase the timeout value in the Web User Interface at System Configuration -> Miscellaneous Options -> L7 Configuration or within the Virtual Service under Idle Connection Timeout However it's better to identify why clients or Real Servers are abandoning a established TCP connection