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Is it possible to have a mysql session through the load balancer (2500)?
If so details would be great!!!

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James Rago -- K360 Technical Product Manager Official comment

It's definitely possible to load balance MySQL through the LoadMaster. There is one 'gotcha' that is not specific to our product and MySQL specifically, but load balancing databases in general.
The issue is, and you might be aware of this already, is load balancing 'writes' to the database. Unless there is some mechanism in place to keep multiple data stores consistent with each other, you do not want to be doing this.
On the flip side, load balancing 'reads' should work just fine, with the proper settings in place on the LoadMaster.
You can set up a generic virtual service on the port that your MySQL lives on, and add your real servers. The most important option that should snap everything into place is "Allow Server Initiating Protocols", which you can enable in the Virtual Service page.
The healthcheck can either be set to TCP or ICMP.