Adding real servers in multiple networks


I have two LM 2200 for HA. Is it possible to have the LM access multiple networks? I have two web servers on my DMZ and two DB servers on my internal LAN, and would like the LMs located in the DMZ to be able to balance both sets of servers. When i try to add a "real server" for my DB servers, it says that I cannot because it is not on the same network as the LoadMaster. This seems like an unreasonable restriction given that I am able to open the ports that I need to to allow the appropriate traffic.

Is there any other way to add Real Servers on different networks to be managed by the LoadMaster?

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James Rago -- K360 Technical Product Manager Official comment

To add real servers that are located on a different subnet as a configured interface can be done by enabling Non Local Real Servers. This can be found by navigating to System Configuration - Miscellaneous Options - L7 Configuration - Enable Non Local Real Servers.
Please note due to how routing and TCP works we cannot allow Non-Local servers while being transparent. The return traffic will never get back to the LoadMaster in a symmetrical way. This will break the TCP session.