LoadMaster for Azure


How do I get LoadMaster for Azure, where can I download it.

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Derek Kiely Official comment

You can obtain LoadMaster for Azure by performing the following

Microsoft Azure
1. Log in to the Azure Management Portal: https://manage.windowsazure.com 
2. Select Virtual Machines in the navigation pane. 
3. Select the Images tab from the resulting page. 
4. Click the Browse VM Depot option at the bottom of the page. 
5. From the Choose an Image dialog, select the KEMP Virtual LoadMaster for Azure image. 
6. Click Next. 
7. Select the desired image region and storage account associated with the selected image region for your Azure subscription. 
8. Click Complete. This will initiate a copy of the LoadMaster image from VMDepot to your Azure subscription. Follow the next steps after the copy completes successfully. Upon successful completion, the newly created LoadMaster image will show the status Pending Registration. 
9. Click Register at the bottom of the page, provide a desired image name and click OK.

Upon successful registration the image status will change to Available

For more information check out our Feature Description Document called "LoadMaster for Azure" in our Documentation Section.