Multible DMZ zones with Reverse proxy for Lync 2013 and LB.


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I am going to install two 2600 in a HA setup, supporting Lync2013 for Reverse proxy and internal Loadbalancing.
The customer has three subnets: LAN, DMZ1 and DMZ2.
Reverse proxy traffic is via a firewall Nattet to DMZ2 ( = the VS).
The real servers are on the LAN:
The LB2600 is also used for Loadbalancing the Lync 2013 FE servers in DNS setup. The VS is

The customer wants external natted traffic to be routed via the DMZ1 (10.1.1.X), and not to be routed directly from DMZ2 to LAN.

I don’t see any setting allowing me to set this up.

The only way I can see this being done is adding an extra management Net fx 172.23.62.X, and letting the WUI be on this subnet (ethX interface. Then adding an additional route to the real servers, pointing to the gateway on DMZ1. Is this how it should be made, or is there an easier way?

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Derek Kiely

It might be best to open a support case with this information so we can contact you directly to discuss this topology in more detail.