Lync 2013 Reverse Proxy problem with dial in authentication.


I have a single Lync server with a single Lync edge server.
I am trying to configure the reverse proxy for my new Kemp Load balancers.
I have already balanced Exchange 2013 and another web service, so the basics are configured.
My e0 interface is my production / Real servers

My e3 is the Lync internal Edge, /24. I have a VS configured
I can go directly to the internal server on the network and bring up and see the page, I click sign in and it will log mein.
I get an error when I use the VS to access the same page via IP. I enter in I see the main page, click sign in and then the sign in button and I get an error.
error >"The operation failed with an unexpected error. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator."
I have tried opening up all firewall ports to and from this interface and cannot see that blocking any traffic. I have gone over numerous Lync 2013 reverse proxy configuration settings and I can't seem to get past this.
This Lync install is fairly new, and only being used by a handful of users currently in pre production. Any help would be appreciated.
I can give more information as needed.

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Derek Kiely

Since this is a fairly specific problem to your environment, I ask you to open up a support case.