Failover group


Setup: HA setup of two LM 2400 appliances. Four real servers (A,B,C and D) are providing the service to be load balanced.

I have a request for load balancing equally between two servers (A and B), and only in case both of these fail, should the load go equally to the servers C and D. Is this possible?


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Derek Kiely Official comment

It is possible using nested VS's - Basically you create 3 VS's - VS1 has servers A and B as its real servers. VS2 has servers C and D as it real servers. Both of these VS's use a scheduling method that provides load balancing equally such as round robin. VS3 then needs to have a scheduling method of "fixed weighting" and you add VS1 and VS2 as its real servers.

When traffic hits VS3 it will send all traffic to VS1 as long as it is available. VS1 will then distribute this traffic across RS A and B. If VS1 goes down the VS3 will send all traffic to VS2....