Sendmail behind LoadMaster fails to send secure SMTP e-mail



We have a few systems already behind a LoadMaster ver: 6.0-28 (Exchange and Websites), but I want to put one of our MX sendmail systems behind it. The one I want to put behind is the one which our users login to send e-mail.

The Virtual system (Solaris Zone) works fine without the LoadMaster, but when I put it behind it (basically change IP address as I have done on web servers) it fails to send SMTP email to external sites.

My questions is do I need to do something else to get SMTP e-mail working, behind the load balancer?


Andrew Watkins

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Derek Kiely

I suspect that this is routing related and tied to the IP addresses allowed on the send connector. For SMTP you will need to ensure that the LoadMaster is not NATing anything, features like L7 transparency will do this. If you are still having this issue please describe your network topology.