issue redirection owa exchange 2013


hi all,

i have recently acquired a NFR licence for lab purpose. (what a powerful device !)
so i set up my LoadMaster VLM-2000 layer 7 + SSL bridging + ESP with the wonderful template msex2013 kindly provide by kemp.
everything works as a charm bu somethin' weird happened when i try to go on owa.

internally :
i have to hit 2 times the url to see functional the redirection to
1. first try : error "This page can’t be displayed" blablablaaaa
2. second try (whitout shut web browser) : ok ask for credentials ! url change to ..../owa
- if i shutdown/restart Internet Explorer i have hit 2 time in order to see creds prompt :(

external :
whatever i tried i have to put /owa to my url =>

i hope a made my self clear and it would be nice if somody could help me.
thanks in advance

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Derek Kiely

Are you doing redirection on the LoadMaster and on the Exchange server? What was the real error code behind the "This page can’t be displayed"