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Hello Kemp

I just played a Little bit with the Powershell Beta. So i can used that api instead of RESTAPI directly with invoke-webreqeust. So some Feedback

Downloading and "installing" is easy. Add a note, that a file from the Internet by require an unblock
PS C:> Unblock-File $home\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\Kemp.LoadBalancer.Powershell*.*

Even then the user may have to Change the execution policy
Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

After that we can load it.

I have seen, that the ps1m file still uses initializer-loadbalancer, get-statistics etc. But the external commands are in the -KEMP formatting. better so

I have seen that we can start a Connection with "Initialize-KempLoadBalancer" but thast simply a initialization of some variables. But we can also start commandlets without. like get-kempstatistics. It asks for the mandantory credentials but not for the load balancer ip in that case. It would be better to ask for all mandantory Parameters in that case.

Do you Thing "initialize-kemploadbalancer" is a nice Name ?. i'ld prefer "connect-KEMPLoadbalancer" instead. "Connect" is a more common verb than "initialized".

Security: I have seen, that the commandlets are skipping the certificate check. Thats good to be successful but bad, because it does not prevent someone, to Redirect the Name to an other System and grabs the credentials. I would check the certificates by Default and add a "-skipcertchecks"-Option at the "connect-kemploadbalancer"- Command.

Great to see, that you have implemented the "-verbose". What about implementing "-debug" for sending the native XML-Answer to the screen ?

Anyway. well done-


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Christian Scheller

Thank you for your very constructive critique, Frank. Much appreciated.