Can I use FreeLB in commercial projects to provide LB for Lync and etc?


I read about features and some limitations of FreeLB but did not understand license terms . For example, I sold Lync to customer and want to implement LB too. So, it's not environment for testing or deployment.It's a real production. Can I offer to implement FreeLB in this case? Thank you!

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David O'Connor Product Manager


The Free LoadMaster is great for customers who wish to replicate their production environment for UAT purposes. While there are some limiting differences between the Free LoadMaster and commercial versions, this community supported, lower performance model provides all of the same core functionality that is included in our commercial LoadMasters.

Note: There is no HA or formal support included in the Free LoadMaster which would not ideally suit it to a production environment.

You have the ability to download the Free LoadMaster and configure it to suit your network needs and then upgrade to the commercial version which will meet your real production environment requirements including HA and support. Ideally, I would recommend a discussion with our sales and pre-sales team to assist you in sizing the commercial LoadMaster product appropriately and assisting you with any queries that you may have throughout the process.

If you are okay with this, can I provide your contact details to the sales team to contact you to discuss the best way forwards?

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