Exchange DAG member failure - can't send emails


I am testing the virtual appliance in a two-armed configuration.
I have one interface on the same subnet as my DAG/members and one interface on the same subnet as my client.
I have configured the default gateway of my members to point to the VIP of the Kemp on the same subnet.
I have configured the LB to drop connections on Real Server failures and drain stops.

My client connects with Outlook fine. If I simulate a failure of one of the DAG nodes with an active database to which my client is connected to the client still says it's connected to Exchange however I'm unable to send or receive new emails.

Any outgoing emails just stay stuck in the Outbox.

Should I be seeing seemless failovers to the other CAS servers in the array in this scenario?

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James Rago -- K360 Technical Product Manager

I suggest opening a support ticket so we can troubleshoot what is happening.