Issues with Exchange 2013 OWA with Kemp HLB


I have recently setup a Exchange 2013 environment which is co-existing with an Exchange 2010 environment. I have also setup a Kemp LoadMaster using the Exchange 2013 template but I am seeing some issues with OWA primarily, when I log into OWA which is pointing to the Exchange 2013 servers I can log in but the web page doesnt load correctly and after clicking around a litle bit I am returned to the OWA login prompt. My mailbox is still located on an Exchange 2010 mailbox server currently so its proxying across if that makes any difference.

I havent changed any settings after adding the virtual service using the template so not sure what could be wrong. My client computer, the exchange servers and the HLB are all on the same subnet if that is relevant.


Derek Kiely

From a CAS perspective does all traffic go to the 2013 servers. If so then the 2010 servers should not be causing this and we will have to dig a little deeper.

Have you checked if users who have a mailbox on 2013 have the same problem?

ICT Caldic



Did anybody already found a solution for this problem? i'm experiencing the same.

I've setup a new Exchange 2013 DAG next to our 2010 DAG, before the DAG2013 i've setup 2x a LM-2400 and i've used the Reencrypted template to setup the config for the loadmasters.

When i now open the OWA2013 and i login with a user who is migrated to the exchange 2013 it's thinking and then it will be redirected to the login page again. When i open the OWA directly on one of the exchange2013 servers i can login without any problem.