Symantec VIP and Xendesktop Storefront through Kemp LB



Please could I ask, is it possible to use my Kemp LB with my Symantec VIP solution to provide 2 factor authentication to my xendesktop storefront users?

I currently have two storefront servers that are being load balanced on the kemp but I need to add additional security in the form of 2 factor.

I also currently have Symantec VIP for my vpn solution, if possible I would like to utilise my existing offerings.

Thanks for your advise.


Kemp Hardware Vers:7.1-20b.20140926-1505

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Christian Scheller

The KEMP software allows the use of LDAP, Radius and RSA as additional means for authentication. However, it seems possible to integrate Symantec VIP with AD, so this would imho be an option.