non Transparency vs. forwarding method NAT


i´m trying to configure a L4 Load Balancing by using forwarding method nat, instead disabling transparency mode in a L7 loadbalancing is not clear for me, whats different between this two configuration options. both are using the Loadmaster IP as Source Address on the backend Real Servers visible, or not ?

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Christian Scheller Official comment

The real server option for Layer 4 is "Direct Server return" and requires the Loadmaster IP Address to be set as the default gateway of the real server to avoid asynchronous routing. NAT would be the option of choice for Layer 7 based setups, in which the transparency setting determines whether the real server "sees" the original clients IP address or the Loadmaster itself. In general we do recommend using Layer 7 VS configurations since it offers you flexibility for content matching and SSL offloading. If you require configuration assistance simply raise a ticket with support and we will be able to assist you in a remote session, even in German language.
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