LM thinks it has no internet connection?


Hi, I have two LM100 vms running in the same network. Both seem to be functioning fine, and initially licensed correctly. One started giving a popup about grace period ending in 29 days, and evidently it thinks it can't phone home. On the update license page it says "To update the license your LoadMaster must be connected to the Internet."

This is odd because it is properly connected, fully functional and actively load balancing. I logged into the console and did ping tests both by ip and by name and it has no trouble pinging external hosts.

Is there some reason it thinks it can't get to Kemp, when the other one on the same network can? Is there a way to further troubleshoot? The activation doesn't use any nonstandard ports, correct (not that one or the other of the units has different firewall rules applied to it)?



Christian Scheller


the licensing server may have been temporarily unavailable when you attempted to "phone home". Please try again. The IP address is



As mentioned, only one of our two LBs exhibited the problem, so the issue was not the licensing server.

The appliance appears to have a problem with Hyper-v's dynamic mac address (which is the default) so we created a fake static mac and recreated the appliance and it works.

I appreciate the "free" model and that the idea is to get paying customers out of it (and we have already recommended Kemp to other larger installations we work with) but if you're going to have the free version phone home every 30 days, you probably want to provide more timely responses here on the forum which is the only support option. Alternately you could extend the phone home period to a more reasonable 90 or 180 days.