Exchange 2016 and LM


Does anyone haa just experience with LM and Exchange 2016? I am testing it with the templates for Exchange 2013 (as the ones for 2016 are not available right now) and still have some troubles regarding ActiveSync and Autodiscover, OOW (former OWA) works fine.

Thanks for any hint!

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Christian Scheller Official comment

Hi Andreas,

good to hear from you. We are working on updated templates and we will post an update once they become available.

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Christian Scheller


the templates for Exchange 2013 work just fine. Since the Client Access Role (CAS) has now been assumed by the Mailbox service, no further modification is needed. Please describe the issues you are having with Active Sync. 

A good start to troubleshooting is to enable the L7 Debug Traces which will add verbosity to the System Message File.

System Configuration ==> System Log Files ==> Debug Options ==> Enable L7 Debug Traces

Then you can monitor the log file in another browser tab by pressing F5.

In case you have ESP enabled, you might also be interested in the SSOMgr log files which can be found one level below in "Extended Log Files".

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Hi Christian,

will there be a renaming of the templates?

A colleague of mine is investigating some Exchange 2016 things and asked me explicitly if there will be a new template for Exchange 2016 in the future.