Kemp loadbalaning priority based memeber activation


I have a Kemp 5400 loadmaster, and I want to configure "priority based member activation" (which is used by F5 loadbalancer), for the purpose of:
1. I have 3 servers on the primary site and 3 other on the secondary site
2. I want to round-robin requests only to the 3 servers of the primary site
3. In case of 3 of them go down, I want kemp to automatically activate the other 3 servers of the secondary site and round-robing requests to them

Is this solution possible with kemp? I know that on F5 loadbalancer this is possible and its called "priority based member activation"

Thank you

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Derek Kiely Official comment

I would suggest that the best option is to use our GEO (GSLB) functionality to load balance between the sites. This included as standard with your KEMP LM-5400. You can set the primary site to have priority and if all the servers at this site go down the GEO will then redirect traffic to the secondary site.

GEO Feature description -